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Our editors have over 10 years of experience and won a lot of awards. We offer professional film/TV/shorts editing services, and help you address the fundamental needs to your projects. We cover all aspects of your project with proficiency and efficiency. 


We offer full audio post-production services. We  provide high-class, professional sound design and unique, powerful sound effects for any purposes. Our sound design team works hand in hand with our picture editing department and music department, guaranteeing your projects with top-line quality collaboratively. 


We offer VFX design for motion pictures, previs, DIT, aerial photography, on-set shooting guidance, visual effects, virtual and mixed reality production, and commercial production. Our Main VFX office WONDERSTAR is located  in Beijing’s Central Villa District, with over a thousand square meters of independent office space, started our service since 2008.



We partner with top brands and creative professionals from worldwide. We offer high-standard, end-to-end, custom solutions to any size of productions. Our supreme quality will be applied to all services, including online conforming, color grading, mastering, and your film festival and distribution deliverables.

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